Rudolph Bros. & Co. offers comprehensive inventory management programs to provide cost-saving efficiencies and inventory reduction opportunities.

Years of experience in the industrial sector has led to the development of effective strategies and inventory programs designed to promote inventory optimization.

Streamline operations and generate cost-saving opportunities. Create efficiencies by consolidating like items purchased from multiple manufacturers and reducing, eliminating non-moving inventory or wastes.

Inventory Consolidation

Product ID and Standardization
Create savings through simplification and redundancy management

Cost Saving Programs
Maximize the potential of every dollar spent managing inventory

Custom Stocking and Kitting
Reduce the number of vendors and shipments required to provide a complete solution

Just In Time Deliveries
Eliminate inventory on-hand, wasted time and duplication of efforts

Supply Chain Management
Monitor product movement effectively

Key Performance Indicator
Custom reporting keeps track of critical on-time deliveries while improving overall communications

Operational Infrastructure and IT
Simplify integration of RBC inventory programs into your existing structure

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Provides transactions with EDI vendors and suppliers anywhere in the world

Rudolph Bros. Mobile App

Our companion app supports barcode and QR code scanning, which can be customized to suit your needs!

Highly Customized Vendor Managed Inventory Program

Our Committed Inventory Programs are tailored to suit your needs!

How it Works

Step One

RBC will work with you to analyze your product usage and determine an accurate projection.

Step Two

Once a projection is agreed upon, RBC will begin allocating inventory specific to your needs.

Step Three

RBC will tailor an automated shipping program based on your production rates.

Low Risk, High Reward


Whether your needs are big or small, our programs ensure proper inventory levels at all times.

Reduced Financial Risk

Committed inventory programs provide your production lines with inventory specific to your needs.

KPI Reporting

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting tracks critical cost-saving metrics and improves overall communication.

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