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Products for the Automotive Markets

Through industry leading automotive adhesive products and local, hands-on technical support, Rudolph Bros. & Co. has unmatched services for ever type of manufacturer in the automotive industry. 

Whether you are a small start-up, a tier supplier, or the largest Automotive OEM, Rudolph Bros. & Co. is ready to help. Our support has three critical features:

  1. High Quality, Industry Proven Products
  2. Local Technical Service Managers to provide hands-on assistance.
  3. A free Inventory Stocking Program

Automotive Adhesive Applications

Glass Bonding Adhesives

With a proven track record of providing exceptional performance, lower costs and faster assembly times, Dow Automotive Systems’ glass bonding systems are used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide for structural bonding, sealing of stationary vehicle glass, headliner bonding and more.

BETASEAL™ can be customized to deliver a wide range of mechanical properties. It is compatible with all vehicle production processes, including cold- and warm-applied systems. BETASEAL™ products also are specially formulated for aftermarket glass replacement and meet OEM durability specifications and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for barrier, rollover and roof crush regulations.

We offer a complete array of black and clear BETAPRIME™ primers. Our portfolio also contains activators and cleaning solutions that improve and simplify process options.


  • Backlite
  • Door glass
  • Glass hardware
  • Mixed-material bonding
  • Modular roof assemblies
  • Sunroof assemblies
  • Windscreens

Composite Bonding for Lightweight Multimaterial Components

Enabling bonding strength and reliability for multi-material vehicles, two-component BETAFORCE™ and BETAMATE™ structural bonding adhesives are proven solutions for lighter weight vehicles that utilize composites.

Based on a novel polymer technology that allows for consistent mechanical properties over an extremely wide temperature range, these adhesives feature a unique combination of material properties that make them an ideal choice for joining composites and other materials in a variety of lightweight design areas.


BETAFORCE™ and BETAMATE™ adhesives can be used to bond coated metals like steel to aluminum, carbon fiber panels to steel or aluminum, sheet molding compound (SMC) to aluminum and more.

They are particularly suited for use in:

  • Battery installation
  • Claddings
  • Composite panels
  • Doors
  • Front-end carriers
  • Liftgates
  • Spoilers
  • Structural roof modules
  • Sunroofs
  • Trunks

Structural Adhesives Enable Lightweight Strength and Durability

Providing proven high-performance adhesive to aluminum, steel and other materials, BETAMATE™ structural adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners, helping improve vehicle strength and durability, reduce weight and improve manufacturing efficiencies. More than 7 billion meters of BETAMATE™ structural adhesives have been applied by automotive manufacturers since its introduction in 1999 and commercial manufacturers are benefitting as well.

As an example of what BETAMATE can help you achieve, this is what happens when a mid-size vehicle with 50 meters of BETAMATE is operated for one year:

  • 10 kg primary mass reduction
  • 17 kg total weight savings with mass decompounding
  • .62 percent improvement in fuel efficiency
  • 32.6 kg carbon dioxide reduction


The ability to join similar and dissimilar substrates makes BETAMATE structural adhesives ideal for use in:

  • Aluminum chassis/powertrain components
  • Aluminum closures
  • Aluminum or composite roof bonding
  • Bonded seat structures
  • Cast aluminum to profile bonding
  • Cockpits
  • Composite body-in-white parts integration
  • Deck lid flanges
  • Doors
  • Engine compartments
  • Full aluminum vehicle bodies
  • Hoods
  • Load-bearing members
  • Magnesium suspension struts
  • Rails
  • Roof panels
  • Trailer flooring

Secure Bundling – Automotive Wire Harnessing Solutions

Harness coverings need to securely bundle harnesses and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Products for the engine compartment have to be highly resistant to abrasion, for instance, while in the car interior, tapes are applied to reduce noises.

We offer an extensive range of wire harnessing tape solutions made of woven, non-woven, and film backings combined with high-quality adhesives. They fulfill the international OEM specifications for productive materials.

Our innovative tesa Sleeve® solutions offer excellent flexibility for wires so that harnesses can be applied to the car body quickly and flexibly. The solutions also provide weight savings and reduce harness diameters, and are available with customized perforation for most product versions.

Brilliant Surfaces – Automotive Surface Protection Solutions

The clear coats and plastic or metal parts of brand new cars are only perceived as high quality if they are clean and not damaged. Our surface protection range provides self-adhesive tape solutions for safe global vehicle transportation.

In a globalized world, protection films, pads, and car covers reduce the risk of damage in automotive logistics processes. These superior protection tapes result in less damage and meet the high expectations of car dealers. Our solutions provide resistance against climatic influences and keep freshly painted clear coats clean.

Automotive plant operations require safe assembly line processes. Interior surface protection tapes prevent scratches on sensitive substrates. Our tape solutions resist mechanical impacts on different surface energy profiles.

Even small adjustments can have a great impact on quality. Automatic unwinding dispensers, cardy cuts, and squeegees are part of our complementary product range. Our advanced converting capabilities allow us to customize a wide range of surface protection material. tesa’s worldwide team of experts can offer you a tailor-made converted solution for your surface protection application.

Design Matters – Automotive Masking Solutions

Car customization is one of the megatrends in today’s automotive industry. We offer a wide range of sophisticated solutions for car body and bumper masking applications that meet the demanding requirements of the paint process. This helps you to create a unique yet reproducible car design.

Our masking range and expertise supports you to master the challenges and keep each step as lean as possible. This includes ensuring a reliable adhesion; avoiding overspray on e-, solvent-, and water-based coatings even at high temperatures in the oven; and guaranteeing simple and residue-free tape removal to prevent extra work.

We also keep the leanest possible application of our material in mind by using universal and customized tools, such as fine line tape dispenser or jigs. Based on our extensive industry experience in paint shop projects, we analyze the individual process and design parameters and create integrated and precise masking processes. This approach and service leads to immeasurable savings in energy and operating costs as well as to an impressive standard of quality.

Customized die-cut solutions with special application aids, such as finger lifts, help workers to position the masking tape onto the vehicle in complex contours with a higher degree of accuracy.

Efficiency Unplugged – Automotive Hole Covering Solutions

In the automotive industry, efficiency is what counts. Cutting down car weight is not simply a mandatory task, but rather an attitude and a mode of thinking. Our hole covering products offer weight reduction of up to 85% per vehicle in comparison to typical rubber and plastic hole plugs. We have developed a variety of alternatives to rubber or plastic plugs to fit any application.

Our hole covering product assortment offers perfect sealing solutions for corrosion prevention throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. Other characteristics include excellent acoustic-damping performance, which is comparable with a closed metal car body, and air-tight closing to seal off holes from water and dust.

We offer some special die cut features that go a long way to further improving your production efficiency. Some of our hole covering material can be printed with so-called target printing, a special visual locating feature. The target printing acts as a valuable point of reference, improving the workers’ application accuracy and at the same time indicating to the worker the recommended hole size. Another advantage of hole covering die cuts are their unique forms that are possible. We can also offer a full range of manual to semi and fully automatic dispensers for fast and convenient application.

Lifelong Mounting – Automotive Cable Mounting Solutions

Cable mounting is an elaborate undertaking. Different types of cable harnesses need to bond to various substrates – from headliner material to plastic parts and the car body – and geometries with different contours.

Based on our vast experience, we provide for fast, secure, and the long-lasting mounting of cables with a specially developed assortment of low-VOC tape for better air quality inside vehicles. This assortment offers high static peel and shear resistance in combination with a high initial tack as well as weight reduction in comparison to other bonding technologies. The soft and flexible backing of our tapes simultaneously provides noise prevention.

We can supply you with customized cable mounting solutions to meet your specific application requirements. Rolls can be produced with butt-to-butt die cutting and with or without liner slitting for a more efficient dispensing process.