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Bus Windows and Dupont BETASEAL

Challenges Faced

Our motorcoach glass tier was using a rigid 2-part adhesive to temporarily fixture the glass to an aluminum frame while the sealant set. The customer required a cure time of five minutes. During installation under extreme cold conditions, the glass was shattering.

Customized Solutions

Rudolph Bros. and Co proposed fixturing the windows using Betaseal 2-K Adhesive. This is a highly flexible, fast setting adhesive that can perform in harsh conditions, including extremely cold temperatures.


The customer was able to use Betaseal 2-K Adhesive to both fixture the glass and to replace the 1-part moisture cure adhesive that was used to bond the glass to the aluminum frame.

  • Eliminated scrap and warranty claims that resulted from the glass breaking
  • Removed an SKU from the bill of materials
  • Reduced cycle time as result of only applying one adhesive for the entire application which ultimately reduced costs by increasing throughput


RBC was able to provide a solution for our customer in less than a week that not only solved their application challenge, but also eliminated a material and step in their manufacturing process.

This was a drop-in replacement so production was uninterrupted. RBC solved the customers problem with a readily available material and an expedited trial process.