QUAD® MAX Window Sealant

The rumors are true. And now is your chance to meet the rising legend. Hands down, QUAD® MAX window sealant is the toughest construction sealant on the planet. With unmatched 5x stretch, 50% joint movement, proven wet surface application and a fast 24-hour cure, OSI QUAD® MAX truly is the next generation of siding and window sealant. Offering maximum durability and maximum application performance for use in any condition, QUAD® MAX high temp-window caulk will keep your jobs intact and the elements right where they belong – outside.

QUAD® Water Resistant Sealant

Strong reputations come from strong performance. And no other wet application sealant has a stronger reputation than OSI QUAD®. QUAD's all-season formula and proven wet surface application have positioned it as the leading cold weather construction sealant for exterior windows and door installations, fiber-cement and vinyl siding, PVC trim, roofing and gutters. When it comes to toughness, nothing has stood the test of time, and performance, quite like QUAD®.

QUAD® Invisible

QUAD Invisible offers all the great benefits of QUAD Max and QUAD in a crystal clear invisible formula, perfect for finishing work around stone, brick, and other fine bulding materials.

When it comes to window and door installations, there are no bigger threats than air and moisture infiltration. And there's no better protection than QUAD® FOAM. As an integral part of the QUAD® Window and Door System, QUAD® FOAM is used to insulate and seal around windows and door frames, keeping the elements out of your install and out of your structure.


An exterior caulk used primarily used around windows, doors and siding and can also be used for general purpose repairs.


A gutter & seam sealant designed especially for sealing aluminum, galvanized and vinyl clad gutters and downspouts.


A one-part, low modulus, neutral curing silicone sealant specifically formulated for use on vinyl products in the siding & window industry.


A medium modulus, one-part RTV silicone construction sealant designed for sealing.


A high performance indoor & outdoor sealant designed for the siding and window industries.


A roof & flash sealant manufactured used for roof shingles, flashing, general roof repairs and great for fixing minor cracks in asphalt roof surfaces.  


A non-flammable latex-based sealant designed for use in both residential and commercial fire-stopping applications.   


An non-flammable acoustical sound sealant specially designed to reduce sound transmission and drafts in all types of wall systems.  


SF450 Heavy Duty

A professional, heavy-duty grade adhesive developed for glued subfloor systems.

SF450 Interior/Exterior

A professional, heavy-duty grade latex adhesive developed for glued subfloor systems.

SF450+ Polyurethane

A professional grade adhesive plus polyurethane formula developed for glued subfloor systems.  


A drywall adhesive specially formulated for bonding gypsum board to wood or metal studs.

F38 Heavy Duty

A Heavy Duty, No-Sag drywall adhesive designed for cold weather applications


A professional grade roof adhesive developed for the repair and installation of concrete, clay, slate or other types of composition roof tiles.  


A high performance, heavy duty latex based construction adhesive designed for drywall applications and fabricating shear-wall rated assemblies.



A premium quality adhesive for bonding and installing all types of plastic foams and polystyrene.


A strong, flexible adhesive, specially formulated for fiberglass reinforced plastic panel installation.

Spray Foam


FROTH-PAK™ Foam Sealant is a two-component, quick-cure polyurethane foam that fills cavities, penetrations and cracks. It provides a continuous barrier against air infiltration and helps seal out moisture, dust, pests and smoke. Primarily used to seal gaps less than 4" wide.