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EF 562 .050 12" X 24" SHEET



Loctite EF 562 .050 Foaming Core Splice Adhesive

LOCTITE EF 562 AERO is a general purpose 250qF (121qC) or 350qF (177qC) curing foaming adhesive. LOCTITE EF 562 AERO is designed for service temperatures from -67qF (-55qC) to 350qF (177qC).


Cured adhesive exhibits uniform cell structure upon cure; limits moisture ingression into splice area

Qualified to many industry specifications

Asbestos Free

Dual cure capabilities at 250qF (121qC) or 350qF (177qC)

Excellent slump resistance

Low exothermic properties - ideal for thick splices or co-cure conditions


Sealing, splicing or reinforcing honeycomb core edge closeouts

Application Method

Remove adhesive material from cold storage. Allow stabilization at room temperature. Keep the material wrapped to prevent moisture from condensing on the adhesive. Be sure parts to be bonded have been thoroughly cleaned and dried before bonding. Cut adhesive to part size, remove the paper separator and apply to edge of honeycomb core. Remove the other paper and join to the other section of core or edge member. Assemble panel using desired adhesive. Panel is now ready for a cure in a press, vacuum bag in an oven, or an autoclave. Co-cure with panel adhesive.

Curing Conditions:

60 minutes at 250qF (121qC) or 350qF (177qC) with a heat up rate of 5-10qF (3-6qC) per minute.

200 sq feet per shipping container

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