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CILBOND 10E Gallon

Item #: CB-10E-GA

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CILBOND 10E is a One-Component Solvent-Based Bonding Agent for Nitrile (NBR), Acrylic (ACM), XNBR, HNBR, PVC/NBR blends, ECO and Vamac® G and D compounds.

Cilbond 10E is also a universal Primer for Cilbond Cover-Coats, especially Cilbond 80ET, and other Cover-Coat systems.


  • Cilbond 10E bonds NBR compounds with high and low acrylonitrile contents with equal effectiveness and is the first choice for ACM compounds. Cilbond 10E is particularly suitable for HNBR and highly extended NBR, PVC/NBR blends and Vamac G and Vamac D, where good resistance to ingredients migrating out of the elastomer is required.
  • It bonds to all metal substrates and polar thermoplastics such as polyamides, PPO, PPS, PES, POM and thermoset plastics such as PF, MF, RF, GRP/FRP and epoxies.

  • The extremely tough dry films of Cilbond 10E means that coated components can be subjected to considerable mechanical handling, without fear of chipping or peeling of the bonding agent.
  • Cilbond 10E also resists wiping on injection moulding and does not mould foul.
  • Cilbond 10E bonds effectively at low and high temperatures (between 265ºF and 390ºF) and has excellent pre-bake resistance (up to 30 minutes at 320ºF)

  • Components bonded with Cilbond 10E (especially when used with the Cilbond 80ET cover-coat) show :
    • Good all-round resistance to hot and cold lubricants and fluids.
    • Very good salt-spray resistance to 5% salt-water @ 95ºF, even with 30% extension of the elastomer. ** Good boiling water resistance, showing bond retention at 212ºF under a 2kg / 25mm peel width for up to 100 hours.

This item is a Hazardous material, shipping restrictions and surcharges may apply.

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  • 9.00 lbs per EA
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