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CILBOND 12E is a High-Performance Solvent-Based Primer for use under Cilbond Cover-Coat systems


  • Cilbond 12E primer gives excellent adhesion to metals, including mild steel, cast iron, phosphated steel, chromated steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, nickel, zinc, etc. and polar engineering thermoplastics, such as PPO, PPS, PES, PEEK, PET, PBT, nylons and thermoset plastics, such as UF, PF, RF, MF and GRP/FRP and epoxy resins.
  • Cilbond 12E is used under bonding agents such as Cilbond 80ET to bond a vast range of elastomers to metals and plastics during the moulding process – See also the Cilbond 80ET Technical Data Sheet.
  • Cilbond 12E may also be used as a One-Component vulcanising and post-vulcanising bonding agent for NR, SBR, CR, CSM and Vamac® G compounds.

  • As a Primer, Cilbond 12E has excellent resistance to extreme environments including fluids (for example, glycols and brake fluids) and high temperatures of up to 200ºC and low temperatures down to -50ºC.
  • The use of Cilbond 12E as a Primer under Cilbond 24 gives bonds with the ultimate in environmental resistance and maintains the exceptional heat and fluid resistance (particularly glycol) associated with Cilbond 24.
  • When Cilbond 12E is used as a Primer under Cilbond 80ET, bonded components benefit from superior salt-spray and hot-fluid resistance. Cilbond 12E may show improved heat resistance when used as a primer under Cilbond 65W for some grades of VMQ and FKM.

    Cilbond 12E should be considered as a Primer under Cilbond 10E for superior heat resistance when bonding NBR and HNBR.

This item is a Hazardous material, shipping restrictions and surcharges may apply.

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  • 9.00 lbs per EA
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