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CILBOND 33 Part B 10L Container

Item #: CB-33B-10L

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Cilbond 33A / 33B is a two component adhesive system, which is mixed to produce a one-coat system.

It is suitable for bonding fluoroelastomer compounds of all hardnesses to a variety of substrates including metals (either chemically treated or mechanically abraded) and thermoplastics, thermosets and fabrics.

The Cilbond 33A / 33B system will bond all the major grades of fluoroelastomers available including Viton®, Daiel®, Aflas® Technoflon® and Fluorel®, which are bisphenol or amine cured and may also bond some peroxide cured fluoroelastomers and even some fluorosilicones, especially if post cured.

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