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CILBOND 36 is a One-Component, Non-Toxic, Ethanol-Based Bonding Agent for VMQ, FVMQ, FKM, FFKM, HNBR, ACM and AEM Elastomers

  • Cilbond 36 is a one-component system for bonding various peroxide-cured silicone, fluorosilicone, perfluoroelastomer, fluoropolymer, hydrogenated nitrile elastomers and some speciality EPDM compounds.
  • Cilbond 36 also bonds platinum (Pt) cured silicones, a good range of bisphenol and bisamine-cured fluoropolymers, acrylic/ACM compounds and speciality AEM compounds.
  • Cilbond 36 effectively bonds the above compounds to metal substrates including steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. Cilbond 36 will bond to engineering plastics, including all types of polyamide and to glass and ceramics.

  • Cilbond 36 is fast-drying and the coating is then tough, chip resistant and non-blocking/tack-free.
  • Cilbond 36 is non-staining, non-wiping, does not contribute to mould fouling and is particularly suitable for injection moulding processes. Cilbond 36 can be used for all conventional moulding processes.
  • The product also has exceptional resistance to long, high temperature post-cure schedules.
  • Cilbond 36 may be applied by brush, spray or using a dip-bath, without the need for special covers to prevent moisture ingress.

  • Components bonded with Cilbond 36 exhibit outstanding environmental resistance properties, including:
  • Static and dynamic fatigue resistance at low and high temperatures (from -50ºC to >>200ºC)
  • 1000 hours at 200ï‚°C or 400 hours at 225ï‚°C, without any loss of adhesion to the substrate
  • The maximum heat resistance is compound dependent but bonds show no loss of CM (cement-metal) failure at up to 250ºC or even higher for short periods
  • Hot oils and fuels up to temperatures of 180ºC
  • Hot water (e.g. boiling water for 100 hours) without loss of metal adhesion
  • Hot glycol / water mixes at up to 120ºC for 300 hours without loss of adhesion
  • Hot glycol mixtures for > 600 hours at 160ºC without loss of adhesion
  • Bond will show < 2–3mm edge failure after 500 hours in 5% salt-spray at 35-40ºC with 30% applied strain

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  • 47.00 lbs per EA
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