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Cilbond 48 is a one-component bonding system for hot and cold-cure PU’s and TPU’S to all metals during the curing process at temperatures of 20°C to 135°C for cast elastomers and up to 200ï‚°C for TPU’s. Cilbond 48 will also bond PU’s and TPU’s to epoxies and fibreglass reinforced plastics, polyamides and other engineering thermoplastics, such as Hytrel®, PBT, PET, PPS, PPO, PEEK, PES, etc.

Cilbond 48 is especially suitable for use in dynamic conditions where hydrolytic stability is important, exhibiting no failure in the cement to metal bond.

This is illustrated by tests where a 95º Shore A modified polyether TDI prepolymer / Ethacure 300 system was bonded to mild steel with Cilbond 48. It showed 100% rubber tear with peel loads of >1000N/25mm, when tested at 23ï‚°C after total immersion for 15 days in pressurised tap water at 105°C.

Cilbond 48 exhibits excellent salt-spray resistance, illustrated by bonding a polyether TDI prepolymer / Ethacure 300 to a mild steel substrate and tested at 35ºC in a 5% salt solution for 700 hours. Results showed no edge corrosion or bond failure.

Cilbond 48 is formulated with a fast-drying solvent system which dries quickly to give tack-free / non-blocking coatings. It will also bond without the need of a pre-bake, but will reliably withstand cycles of up to 24 hours at 100-110°C.

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