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Item #: CHRM-1910RP-FG

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Mono-Coat RM-1910RP is formulated for priming, sealing and conditioning rotational molds. Appropriate substrates include steel, stainless steel and aluminum. When properly applied, Mono-Coat RM-1910RP will increase the gloss level of the substrate, and will give improved application and release characteristics when used with the proper release agent. This mold primer is an excellent sealing material but should not be used as a mold release agent. The appropriate Mono-Coat release agent should be applied on top of the primer after the material has been cured.

Under the best conditions, the Mono-Coat RM-1910RP has been found to cure in as little as one hour. A simple test method for complete cure is as follows: Apply one drop each of water and a Chem-Trend mold cleaner onto a flange area which has been coated with the sealer. Wait a few seconds and wipe off with a clean tissue. If there is no evidence of the drops on the tool surface the sealer is completely cured.

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  • 39.85 lbs per EA
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