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EB-107-FC Room Temp Cure Epoxxy Gallon Kit

Item #: EX-EB107FCGA

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EPOXIBOND EB-107-FC is a two component, room temperature curing epoxy featuring very low viscosity, and excellent optical-mechanical properties.

Features & Suggested Application:

  • Semiconductor: optical glob top or underfill; compatible with LED die, Si, GaAs
  • PCB: general potting and protection over FR4, flex, or ceramic PCBs
  • Medical: Meets USP Class VI Biocompatibility standards – Suggested for medical devices such as catheters, endoscopic products; adhesion to most metals and some plastics; resisting to ETO, gamma, and autoclave; resisting X-ray radiation; potting and protection of scintillator crystals; CT Detector packaging; adhesive for the optical beam pathway in photo-diode arrays.
  • Fiber Optic: adhesive for glass and plastic fibers; wicking into fiber bundles used in patch cords, endoscopes or sensor devices; adhesive/seal/encapsulant used for fiber packaging and components
  • Opto-electronic: LCD/LED adhesive for laminating glass layers; adhesion to PET plastic; general potting, encapsulation, and protection; spectral transmission in VIS and IR light; adhesive for precision optics including lens, prism, beam splitter cubes, mirrors, and diodes

Item Specifications

  • 12.50 lbs per EA
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