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FREKOTE AQUALINE R-120 275 Gallon Tote

Item #: FK475633

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Water-based, semi-permanent mould release agent for rubber applications demanding minimal mould build-up and low transfer.
LOCTITE® FREKOTE R120 is a water-based, semi-permanent release agent for rubber moulding. When applied to a pre-heated surface, the product bonds chemically to the mould to form a thin, inert, thermally stable coating capable of releasing all natural and synthetic polymers including some thermoplastic urethanes. It is recommended when minimal mould build-up and low transfer is needed.

  • Water-based, semi-permanent release agent
  • Thermally stable coating
  • Minimal mould build-up
  • Low transfer to the moulded part

Item Specifications

  • 2,424.45 lbs per EA
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