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URALITE FH1270 Part B Quart

Item #: FRFH1270BQT

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URALITE FH1270 A/B is a two-component, non-toxic, high solids, thermosetting polyurethane film. This material is used as an insulating compound for coating printed circuit assemblies.
FH1270 A/B is a resilient coating designed to protect against moisture, mold, dust, corrosion and other extreme environmental stresses.

  • Designed for brush application or spraying.
  • Well suited for coating SMT or through-hole printed circuit boards.
  • Outstanding long term hydrolytic stability & electrical properties, for extended reliability life.
  • Superior short-term humidity and 48-hour pressure cooker exposure testing.
  • Non-conductive, non-corrosive.
  • High Impact Strength Low viscosity, unfilled material.
  • This material meets Raytheon Spec HMS 16-1847, Type II, Class 1, * High solids conformal coating application.
  • Contains UV tracer.

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URALITE FH1270 Part A Quart

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  • 2.35 lbs per EA
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