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Stiction Eliminator 64oz Bottle

Item #: LS-HSS64Z

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Hot Shot’s Secret® Stiction Eliminator® is an engine oil treatment and oil stabilizer engineered to remove the sludge and varnish created from burnt oil from inside your engine while also lubricating to protect engine components. Stiction is the term for the sticky friction caused by the deposits that form inside your engine over time. This stiction results in lost power and compression, lower fuel economy and leads to excessive wear inside the engine. Stiction Eliminator® is a unique blend of synthetic cleaner and a proprietary carbon nano lubricant that removes harmful stiction and lubricates components inside your engine, including turbocharger, rings, oil pump, pistons, HEUI injectors and more. It is scientifically proven to remove stiction in 100% of engines, reduce engine wear up to 62%, improve power and compression, and increase fuel economy. Stiction Eliminator is a unique blend of synthetic cleaner and a proprietary carbon nano lubricant that cleans stiction while reducing the coefficient of friction. Use in any gasoline or diesel engine to increase fuel economy, reduce wear and dissolve power robbing stiction (sludge). It is perfect as a diesel additive in diesel oil, or gasoline additive for regular engine oil. Use approximately 4 fl oz per quart of oil for initial cleanup, 2 fl oz per quart of oil for maintenance. Add STICTION ELIMINATOR during a fresh oil change and leave in dur TREATMENT ing entire oil change interval. Product will displace an equal amount of oil, do not overfill.

This item is a Hazardous material, shipping restrictions and surcharges may apply.

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  • 5.00 lbs per EA
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