1. CONFIRMATION: RBC requests confirmation of PO with current ship dates. Notification may be sent via fax or email. Notify RBC of any PRICING discrepancies. RBC must confirm and approve price variances before shipments are made to avoid delays in payment. Note: RBC must be notified of any changes in product, product definition, product lead-times and/or manufacturing location and supplier changes that may occur, and any NON-CONFORMING product shipped to RBC. RBC must also be notified immediately and supplied with updated copies if changes occur on Safety Data Sheets and/or Technical Data Sheets.

2. CERTIFICATIONS: RBC requests that, when requested on PO, the following be included with the shipment or emailed/faxed at time of shipment: Certificate of Product Conformity, Test Reports, and/or Airworthiness Approval from the approved manufacturer or approved repair station. Certificates of calibration must provide evidence of standards traceable to NIST and lab accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025. RBC requests records for products purchased by RBC to be kept for a minimum of 10 years.

3. ON-TIME DELIVERY: RBC requests 100% On-Time Delivery from all suppliers to ensure on-time shipments to our customers.

4. SHELF-LIFE: RBC requests a minimum of 75% shelf-life on all products received. Please advise RBC on any shelf life discrepancies prior to shipment. Failure to comply may result in return of product(s) at Suppliers expense.

5. IDENTIFICATION: RBC requests the name/product description or other positive identification, and applicable issues of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection instructions and other relevant technical data are provided. (e.g., revision level). RBC requests that all product records be kept for ten (10) years.

6. ACCESSABILITY: RBC, our customer, or regulatory authorities may require access to records and/or all facilities involved in the order.

7. PACKING SLIPS: RBC requests all shipments contain complete Packing Slip and other required documentation as stipulated on Purchase Order or shipment may be refused at Supplier’s expense.

8. REGULATIONS: Supplier’s manufacturing facilities and processes must comply with all local, state, and federal health, product safety, and environmental regulations.

9. FLOW-DOWN: RBC requests supplier to Flow-Down our Standard Terms and Conditions to their suppliers. Dealing with others honestly and in good faith avoiding conflicts of interest and commitment, both in fact and in appearance preserving confidentiality.

All questions, comments, and/or confirmations should be e-mailed to our purchasing department at: pur@rudbro.com or be sent via fax: 614-833-9035