Composite Bonding

LOCTITE products for aerospace composite bonding fulfill all these requirements and allow engineers to create strong, efficient, aircraft structures. Needing no fasteners, they offer lower adherent thickness that lets you take full advantage of stiffness properties of composites and provides a separation of dissimilar materials.

Composite Surface Preparation

LOCTITE peel ply provides part longevity and reduces maintenance costs. It ensures a consistent bonding surface, with a high quality bond for today's advanced composite materials.

Metal Honeycomb Bonding

LOCTITE films are one component, heat curing thin film adhesives. Materials are specifically designed for maximum durability, high strength and toughness with temperature resistance designed for their operating environment

Surface and Lightning Strike Protection

With our LOCTITE portfolio, you get the most advanced solutions. Economically, they offer up to 30 % weight savings compared to existing surfacing films. LOCTITE surfacing films for aircraft also lower the composite part finishing costs. Technically, they provide durable, high quality paintable surfaces and a maximum of product and shop flexibility.

Fire Retardants

Henkel has developed special flame retardant products for aircraft interior applications. They are toughened paste adhesive with superior dispense rate and high compressive strength potting compound. LOCTITE flame retardants are halogens, antimony and phenol-free.

Mould Release for Aircraft

LOCTITE FREKOTE release agents, sealers and cleaners are based on over 50 years of technical experience and are the most trusted for consistent release of composite parts from tools. These wax-and silicone-free release agents polymerize to create a low surface energy film which is durable, chemically resistant and thermally stable. A minimal transfer to molded components, minimized fouling, easy application and the highest number of releases possible per application are guaranteed.

Liquid Shims

LOCTITE liquid shims are epoxy-based materials that provide not only high compressive strength, but also a balance between open assembly time and strength.

Metal and Honeycomb Bonding Repair

When it comes to bonding or repair of metal parts and structures of an aircraft, you want a solution that has high strength, chemical resistance and resists creep under sustained loads. In addition, you need a two component system with a room temperature cure. Too many requirements? Not for us.

Composite Bonding Repair

LOCTITE products for composite bonding fulfill all these requirements and allow engineers to create efficient structures.