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BETASEAL™ Xpress30 EZ Kit


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Dupont Automotive

BETASEAL™ Xpress30 is a single component, high modulus non-conductive adhesive with Reinforced Polyisotropic Micro-network (RPM) technology for high initial green strength that enables rapid cross linking to speed bonding, allowing faster minimum drive-away times.

BETASEAL™ Xpress30 is a cold applied, high modulus and non-conductive (enhances vehicle’s structural integrity / passenger comfort with reduced road noise, while reducing GPS / phone / HUD / defroster connection interference).

BETASEAL™ Xpress30 has industry-leading ease of use application, tooling, decking performance, short cut-off string, crash proven 30 minute minimum drive-away time down to 0°F

Item Specifications

  • 28.00 lbs per EA
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