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5/8/2024 3:18 PM
In the ever-evolving landscape of product sustainability, understanding the impact of the materials we use is paramount. Henkel, a leader in innovation, is at the forefront of this transformation, particularly in addressing the environmental and health concerns associated with...
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4/29/2024 11:02 AM
Benefits of FRP Panels in Aluminum Frameworks
FRP panels offer numerous benefits when used in conjunction with aluminum frameworks. Some of the key advantages include:
Lightweight: FRP panels are significantly lighter than traditional materials, making them easier to...
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6/16/2022 9:43 AM
We had a customer struggling to get a urethane bead to adhere to glass.
They couldn’t get their sunroofs to properly adhere to the vehicles, and the OEM wasn’t certifying their line to run. Without certification they...
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