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Release Agents for...almost Everything

Industrial processes and methods of manufacturing have evolved over the decades, but one thing hasn't changed when it comes to molding. You need your parts to release from the mold. Sticking is B-A-D!!

The release agent needs to not only make sure parts don't stick, it also needs to provide the desired surface finish without cosmetic or structural flaws. Structural flaws like nit lines and adhesion to metal issues can result in parts being rejected. Poor surface finish on parts can require extra finishing work or cause them to be rejected.

We would like to be your full service supplier of release agents. Whether you're doing rotational molding, composite molding, rubber molding, or...,we have release agents for...almost everything. We also have the technical expertise to recommend a product to fit your needs and trouble shoot any issues you might have.

Please let us know how we may be of assistance, and we will work to earn your business.