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Terostat 3210Z was specially developed as a spot-weld sealer adhesive for the body shop in the automotive business. The material will cure when passing through an E-coat oven. Recommended for use when ovens or induction equipment cannot be used for pregelling or procuring to reach wash-off resistance, and where a high degree of elasticity is required over a wide temperature range.

Terostat 3210Z is a solvent free, reactive adhesive/sealant based on rubber which is highly viscous at room temperature. Terostat 3210Z chemically cross-links at temperatures above 140°C. The cured material is highly flexible and little dependant of changes in temperature.

Terostat 3210Z adheres well to oily steel sheets. The material exhibits excellent sag resistance and is wash-off resistant without pregelling or procuring against aqueous cleaning and pretreating agents used on the production line of the automotive industry.

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  • 718.647 lbs per EA
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