Rotomolded parts come in all shapes and sizes, placing considerable demands on release agents to work perfectly under a variety of conditions. Paired with Chem Trend's many years of experience, Rudolph Bros. & Co. can optimize your molding operation. We are committed to developing the right solutions and providing individualized support.

Reduce your product line and simplify product selection with us today! Need a solvent-based product? Maybe something with low slip or XPLE (cross linked Polyethylene)?

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The Mono-Coat® portfolio incorporates technology from Chem-Trend’s more than 50-year heritage as the global leader in the development of specialty release agents. Mono-Coat® products are uniquely designed to enhance performance and your bottom line.

Mono-Coat 1903WRB

  • High release power for all grades of polyethylene resins
  • Suitable for all mold substrates, particularly on stainless steel
  • No oven cure required to achieve maximum durability

Mono-Coat 1904WRB

  • Lower release power minimizes pre-release and warpage
  • Superior characteristics on stainless steel and aluminum substrates
  • Excellent durability without the need for an oven cure